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New arrive 10 seeds rare Succulent PACHYPHYTUM compactum seeds Living Stone Rare Succulent Seeds Home Garden Plant seeds

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  • SKU: b71652
  • Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)
  • Package Weight: 0.02kg (0.04lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 10cm x 5cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 1.97in)



New arrive 10 seeds rare Succulent PACHYPHYTUM compactum seeds Living Stone Rare Succulent Seeds Home Garden Plant seeds
Name: Succulent PACHYPHYTUM compactum seeds
Quantity: 1 Professional pack, 10PCS / pack
Origin: China
Pachyphytum compactum is an attractive with short, stout stem, up to 6 inches (15 cm) long that often branch towards the base and hold rosettes with many cylindrical, up to 1.2 inches (3 cm) long, light green to grey-white leaves with heavy white veins and deep purple tips. The inflorescence is 1 foot (30 cm) tall. The flowers are pale yellow in the center and the rest of the flower is pinkish orange.
​ For the same batch seeds, some buyer tell me none of the seeds sprout, but some buyers inform me very good sprout rate feedback. Because of different geographical location, the time of planting, the environment, temperature, humidity, light, and the personal planting skill ect, all of those can affect the sprout rate. We ensure all of seeds are 100% real seeds from Germany KK seeds and USA mesa seeds, but we cannot ensure you about the sprout rate, please noted this and kindly understand, thank you !
If this is the first time you plant suculents seed, maybe you can following our seedling method as below :
How to Grow and Care
Pachyphytum will not tolerate frosts well. Temperatures below 20 °F (-6 °C) will kill the plant, and temperatures which may go below 45 °F (7 °C) during extended period should be avoided. Pachyphytum tolerates high heat and intense sunlight. As with most Crassulaceae , Pachyphytum can tolerate (and even appreciated) poor soil conditions, so long as it is well draining. Pachyphytum can thrive in full or partial sunlight.
Allow the soil to dry out before watering, and be careful to avoid getting water on the leaves. In winter, the plants will require more water, as winter begins its active growth season. If you are unsure when to water your Pachyphytum , watch the lower most leaves for signs of drying and water them then. Pachyphytum is FAR more likely to survive under-watering than over-watering. The thick fleshy leaves will appear wilted and a bit “under-full” when they need water.
Leaf cutting entails cutting a young leaf from near the center of the rosette. Leave the leaf out in the open air for a day to allow the wound to callous over
Planting process:
1. Prepare the seedling container and the soil. The soil particles should be fine and thin, drainage and have certain ability to hold moisture. We are using carbon soil, perlite, vermiculite and red jade soil.
2. Spread some stone in the bottom of the small box, so that plants can be moisture. The stone can be 3-6mm or instead by other articles like bark, ceramsite.
3.Put soil into the container, make the surface flat, water the soil till totally wet.
4.You can put a layer of small particles (1-3mm) in the top surface of the soil, like Vermiculite to keep the soil breathability. If you cannot find vermiculite, it is ok, but you need move the out from the top surface, you can see in the picture, the perlite is the white particles.
5. Put the pot into the water, till the water leach from the surface , waiting for 30 minutes, let the soil to absorb enough water. After seeds sprout, cannot water directly by watering can, also need to use this method to the basin filling water, every time keep 2 to 5 minutes.
6. The seeds are very tiny small, we suggest first put seeds on a white paper, then slowly dip in with toothpicks into the pot. small seeds cannot be covered by soil (several big seeds, like almost the same size as the rice, you can turns the soil cover seeds, the cover soil should be equal thickness and the diameter of the seed.) , it is forbidden to use toothpicks insert seeds into the soil, keep the seeds in the soil surface. After sowing you can stick a label, avoid confusing or forgotten.
7. Cover the pot with plastic wrap to keep humidity, use toothpick plunge some hole to keep breathable .
8. After completion, put the pot at a bright place in the home, wait for seed germination. It is strictly prohibited directly sunshine lighting. After sprouting, you can remove the plastic wrap, and gradually moved to the sun.
We can use our balcony like this as below :
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Additional Information

  • Brand Name: RANTON GARDEN
  • Full-bloom Period: Summer
  • Type: Bonsai
  • Applicable Constellation: Gemini
  • Flowerpot: Excluded
  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Regular
  • Function: Interest
  • Classification: Novel Plant
  • Variety: Lithops Pseudotruncatella
  • Use: Indoor Plants
  • Style: Perennial
  • Climate: Subtropics
  • Location: Office Desks
  • Model Number: 122801
  • Size: Small
  • Product Type: Bonsai
  • Name: Succulent PACHYPHYTUM compactum seeds
  • Packing: Original packing
  • Quality: Good quality
  • Quantity: 10pcs
  • Edible: Yes
  • Sowing season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Shipping time: 20~40 days
  • is_customized: Yes

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